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Civilia [SMP] {Custom} {MMO}

Welcome to Civilia IP:
Civilia is a custom survival server with completely customly configured plugins like mcMMO, JobsReborn, MythicDrops, GriefPrevention, ... and some uniquely coded features like JobPerks and Rank Perks, or the /faq and /ranks GUI's, tinkering or Stronghold.
Grind your jobs to the top, earn money to use in our player based economy (ChestShops & marketworld), collect the best tiered gears and scrolls, fight custom monsters in the Stronghold, or build a beautiful base!Live your dreams!
This server is quite new, so often there might not be other players online. Find our active community in discord: get access to the full discord server, go on the Minecraft server and type the following command:"/discordsrv:discord link" ; then send a DM to the Civilia bot with the code. This will also give you a free elite key in game ;)
Notice how there's no swearing rules and such. Keep it mature, but you can live ;)
Kind regards
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Joseph Stiglitz reviews "WINNERS TAKE ALL: The Elite Charade of Changing the World" by Anand Giridharadas

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In order to really have an economy with the greatest opportunity for all, the kind of economy they seem to champion, the MarketWorlders would have to pay high levels of corporate and personal income tax, offer decent wages to their workers, allow unions, fund public schools and support some form of single payer health care and campaign finance reform.
The money and time the MarketWorlders spend fixing the edges of our fraying social order could be used to push for real change.
Another recent book, the historian Nancy MacLean's "Democracy in Chains," provides a salutary lesson on the dangerous ways a self-serving ideology can spread.Giridharadas embedded himself in the world he writes about, much as the journalist David Callahan did for his recent book, "The Givers: Wealth, Power and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age." And like Callahan, Giridharadas is careful not to offend.
Perhaps recognizing the intractability and complexity of the fix we are in, Giridharadas sidesteps prescriptions by giving the book's last words to a political scientist, Chiara Cordelli.
"This right to speak for others," Cordelli says, "Is simply illegitimate when exercised by a powerful citizen." Although a more definitive conclusion would have been welcome, Cordelli does point to the real lesson of the book: Democracy and high levels of inequality of the kind that have come to characterize the United States are simply incompatible.
The subtitle of the book says it all: "The Elite Charade of Changing the World."
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MarketsWorld Binary Options : Complete Detailed Regulated Binary Broker for US Residents Review Meat Market - World (official video) MarketWorld - YouTube The Most Exotic Market in the World. Love Beat Goin' on (The Market World Trade News) - YouTube

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