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Problem with Open and Close Price on Renko Chart (EA)

I apologize ahead of time if this is posted somewhere. I've been digging for hours on end and haven't found an explanation.
I understand I'm running an EA on top of another EA and some values will not line up. I want to double check to make sure the problem isn't something small that I am doing
So, I am running MathTrader7_Renko EA to create a Renko chart in MT4. Then on top of that, I am trying to run a simple EA from Forex Strategy Builder Pro.
Bar Opening
Candle Color (Bullish Candle Formed, 3 consecutive)
Bar Closing
Candle Color (Bearish Candle Formed)
Everything about that seems to work fine, except the Bar Opening Price is different from the actual bar price.That seems to be the only thing holding the EA back from executing.
It works with a regular "online" chart but not for the Renko EA offline chart.
I guess my question is if there is an easy fix/run around for this or is something in the Renko EA messing with the value?
Thank you
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初心者Q&A Q: Vista、Windows7で動かないのですが? A: 以下を試してみてください。 1 [コンピュータ]を右クリック。[プロパティ]を選択 2 [システムの詳細設定]を選択 3 [詳細設定]タブをクリック 4 [パフォーマンス]の[設定]をクリック 5 [データ実行防止]タブをクリック 6 「重要なWindowsプログラムおよびサービスについてのみ有効にする」をオンにする 7 okをクリック 8 OSを再起動 ※ Vista/Win7 の場合、C:\Program Files 以外の場所(C:\MT4 以下)にインストールするのが便利です。 Q: ファイル→デモ口座の申請 でデモ口座が作れません。 A: 一部のサーバでは、Build 409 より古い MT4 では口座が作れません。最新版を入手してterminal.exe をコピーしましょう。 Q: 指定した値になったら、アラート鳴らしたいんだけど? A: メニューの表示-ターミナルでアラーム設定のタブがありますので、そこで設定できます。 Q: 土日は動かないのですか? A: ほとんどの業者は休みです。 サーバーに接続だけ出来る業者もありますが、更新はされません。 Q: TSDって何を見ればいいの? A: まずはここから登録して下さい。 後はあちこち見れば勉強になります。 Q: 10分足とか他の時間足を表示したい。 A: 「MT4 10分足」でググって下さい。URLは差し控えます。 Q: 付属しているMACDをライン表示にしたい。 A: MetaEditorでMACD.mq4を開いて、「DRAW_HISTOGRAM」で検索、DRAW_HISTOGRAMを「DRAW_LINE」に変更、念のため別名保存してコンパイルする。 Q: RCIのインディケーターはどこにあるの? A: 「SpearmanRankCorr mq4」で検索するよろし。 Q: 同じインディケーターを同じウインドウに表示したい。 A: 共存させたいインディケーターを同じウインドウにドラッグ&ドロップ、設定を変えて表示させる。 Q: MetaEditorでコンパイルするやり方がわかりません A: MetaEditorのツールバーのcompileで出来る。面倒だったらファイルを保存して、MT4を再起動 Q: ティックチャートを表示する方法を教えてください。 A: 気配値表示の所にティックチャートタブをクリック Q: ボリンジャーバンドの三本線を五本線にしたい。 A: 標準偏差の設定値を変えたボリンジャーバンドをもうひとつ描画 A: 標準偏差の設定値を1にして、Levels に ±2,±3,を設定してもよし。 Q: 過去のチャートを見ようとしたら、すぐに現在の位置に戻ってしまうのですが? A: ツールバーのAuto Scrollボタンをoffにする。 Q: 使わないインジケーターを削除するにはどうすればいいの? A: 使わないインジケーターにカーソルを合わせ右クリック→削除 Q: インジケーターのラインの色、太さを変えたいんだけど A: MetaEditorで該当するインジケーターを開きます。 #propertyで検索(初めの方に記述してありますのですぐ見つかります。) 
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Getting Started

Hey guys! I found a super cool list of everything a new forex trader would need to get started! Originally made by to nate1357. Link to original thread
Free Resources
Free News Websites: - Daily live news, analysis and resources - FX industry news and updates - Daily news, analysis and resources
Margin / pip / position size calculators
There are many factors to consider when choosing a brokerage. Regulations typically force US traders to only trade at US brokerages, while international traders have more choice. After considering location you need to consider how much capital you will start trading with as many have minimum deposit levels. Once you’ve narrowed that down you can compared spreads and execution. ECN brokers execute your orders straight through to their liquidity providers, while market maker brokers may pair up your trades with other clients. Market maker brokers typically will partially hedge your positions on the interbank market. Many consider this to be a conflict of interest and prefer to trade at an ECN broker who would have an active motive to see you succeed. Lastly, brokers run inherently risky business models so it is important to consider the risk of bankruptcy. - Aggregates broker reviews. Be warned though that people only seem to make bad reviews. - Live comparison of executable spreads
United States & International-
-Interactive Brokers
International Only-
-LMAX (whitelabel DarwinEx)
*DMA broker based in the UK. Note that as a DMA broker LMAX eliminates the ability for LPs to last-look transactions. This may result in reduced liquidity during volatile times as liquidity providers would be likely not to risk posting liquidity to LMAX's pool. *Tight spreads *Minimum deposit $10,000 *Fairly well diversified
*ECN based in Switzerland, but available elsewhere depending on local regulations.
*Tight spreads *Minimum deposit $100 *Fairly well diversified
-IC Markets *ECN based in Australia *Fair spreads on standard account, tight spreads on professional accounts. *Minimum deposit $200 *Fairly well diversified
*ECN broker based in Australia. *Fair spreads on standard account, tight spreads on professional accounts. *Minimum deposit $200 *Not well diversified
Software / Apps:
Terminology/Acronyms: - Common terms and acronyms
I need to exchange money, how do I do it?
This isn’t what this sub is for. Your best bet is using your bank or an online exchange service. Be prepared to pay a hefty fee.
I have money in one currency and need to exchange it into another sometime in the future, should I wait?
Don’t ask us this. We speculate intraday in FX and shouldn’t be relied on to tell you what’s best for you. Exchange the money when you need it.
I have an FX account, should I start trading demo or live?
This is highly debatable. You should definitely demo trade until you have mastered how to use the trading platform on desktop and mobile. After that it’s up to you. Many think that the psychology of trading live vs demo trading is massively different. So it may pay to learn to trade live. Just be warned that most FX traders lose almost their entire first account so start with a low affordable balance.
What’s money management?
Money management is a form of risk management and is arguably the most important aspect of your trading when it comes to long term survival. You should always enter trades with a stop loss - the distance of the stop allows you to calculate how large of a percent of your account balance will be lost if your trade stops out. You can run a monte carlo simulation to figure out the risk of having a number of trades go against you in a row to drain your account. The general rule is that you should only risk losing 1-4% of your account per trade entered.
More on this here:[35][36]
What about automated trading?
Retail FX traders have been known to program “Expert Advisors” (EAs) to automate trading. It’s generally advisable to stay away from that until you’re very experienced. Never buy an EA from a developer because the vast majority of them are scams.
What indicators are best?
That’s up to you to test and find out. Many in this forum dislike oscillating indicators since they fail to capture the essence of what moves price. With experience you will discover what works best for you. In my experience indicators that are most popular with professional traders are those that provide trading “levels” such as pivot points, fibonacci, moving averages, trendlines, etc.
What timeframe should I trade?
Price action can vary in different timeframes. In longer term timeframes the price action and fundamentals are much more clear. Unfortunately it would take a very long time to figure out whether or not what you’re doing is successful on longer timeframes. In shorter timeframes you can often tell very quickly if what you’re doing is profitable. Unfortunately there’s a lot more “noise” on these levels which can prove deceptive for those trying to learn. Therefore the best bet is to use a multi-timeframe analysis, working from top-down to come up with trades.
Should I trade using fundamental analysis (FA) of technical analysis (TA)?
This is a long standing argument in these forums and elsewhere. I’ll settle it here - you should have an understanding of both. Yes there are traders who blindly ignore one of the other but a truly well rounded trader should understand and implement both into the analysis. The market is driven in the longer term through FA. But TA is necessary to give traders a place to enter and exit trades from a psychological risk/reward standpoint.
I’ve heard trading Binary Options is an easy way to make money?
The general advice is to stay away from binaries. The structure of binary options is so that when you lose the broker wins. This incentive has created a very scammy industry where there are few legitimate binary options brokers. In addition in order to be profitable in binaries you have to win 55-65% of the time. That’s a much higher premium over spot FX.
Am I actually exchanging currencies?
Yes and no. Your broker handles spot FX is currency pairs. Although they make an exchange at the settlement date they treat your position in your account as a virtual currency pair. Think of it like a contract where you can only buy or sell it as a pair. In this sense you are always long one currency while short another. You are merely speculating that one currency will appreciate or depreciate vs another.
Why didn't my order fill?
Even if price appears to cross over a line on your chart it does not guarantee a fill. Different charting platforms chart different prices - some chart the bid price, some the ask price and some the midpoint price. To fill a limit order price needs to cross your limit's price plus the spread at the time that it is crossing. If it does not equal or exceed the spread then it will not fill. Be wary that in general spreads are not fixed. So what may fill at one time may not at another.
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Live Forex Trading  Make Profit Everyday  27-12-2019 Break out EA Gapping In The Forex Market (Podcast Episode 57) - YouTube Forex trading using MACD EMA zero cross Professione Forex - YouTube

Forex-TSD is a free an online world wide currency forum that brings solutions to million of forex users. Forex Trading advises by business experts. We have also conducted a search for a match between and users to merge to single user accounts. Thus, the useful content and the history of each account are preserved. All converted accounts allow signing in to the website using the same logins and passwords. With the growing number of forex forums popping up, Forex-TSD is taking a back seat unfortunately. My concern with Forex-TSD is that they take the good indicators and ea's and place them in their Elite Section of the forum and expect a member to pay $29 a month to have access to them. There is an Advanced Elite Section which is $79 a month to ... Forex tsd system. if prefer for all new trader in forex then this forex tsd system amazing for all new or old.For support and resistance with trend line possible more accurate trend signals.. Learn trad forex Using indicator In demo trading any broker mt4 download then make account set these indicators system.For scalping trad use m5 or m1 short term trading do not follow long trading stay market. For now, obviously we're only posting files that are missing from Forex-Station that are by Mrtools and Mladen (files that may have been removed when we migrated Forex-station to this newer forum back in 2017) and not every single thing in there as a lot of it is pictures, broken files or very old indicators & EA's that need to be re-coded etc.

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Live Forex Trading Make Profit Everyday 27-12-2019

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