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[12 Month Review] E-Commerce High End Men's Shoes | Reflections, Improvements & Case Study

Hi everyone,
I am a more of a lurker here and in sweatystartup. I made a post there about 7 months ago that documented the start of my journey. If you want to check it out later here it is. Long post incoming, so apologies I don't do this often. Also, English is not my native language so bear with me.
Super Quick Background:
My name is Kostas, originally from Greece living in Sweden for the last 6 years. I am a water engineer with an MSc. but the job sucked and I hated taking orders from bullies, slowpokes and unqualified people. Let alone the racism I went through. In April/May 2019 I quit in the span of a week to pursue my true interest: Selling Goodyear Welted Men's Shoes Online. To be master of my own self. The shop is called The Noble Shoe.
I didn't want to be a wantepreneur but I knew I had to be diligent. I had saved up 10000$ enough for 12 months of survival, then got a part time job for the first 4-5 months in Suitsupply, a Premium RTW Suit Store. The manager was yet another bully, so I gave him 6 months to stay as a boss when I quit in the 28th of December. He was fired a few weeks ago. The pay was great but I decided it was time to go full time, which i do for the last 7 months.
Sum of Start Up:
I also do photography, SEO, maintenance and promotions myself. Packing, including a handwritten note is done in house by me. I also run for the last 2 years a Style/Review Blog and a recently started YouTube Channel. More later.
Current Situation
Let's start with the important stuff everybody wants to read. As mentioned, I have quite a healthy margin on my products. I currently carry physically 3 Brands:
and a few more MTO/MTM brands that I don't need stock of. I included a link to each collection so you can see the differences between each brand/looks etc. If inappropriate, let me know and I will delete the links. You are most likely not my niche target, but it is important to showcase what I do.
The bulk of my sales (90-95%) comes from the first Portuguese value brand. They are great people to work with and deliver a great product for the price. I was their customer before, so for me to quit my job and start with them was a testament to how much I believed in them.
My initial projection for the year 2020 (Jan to Dec) was $100000 however I shattered it already in April, increasing my projection to $300000. I am however a very ambitious person and never satisfied. My advice is to set the bar as high as you can. So my current goal is $500000 in sales for the year.
In retrospective, I have sold 673 pairs of shoes for a combined gross revenue of $265000 with a 14.5% return customer rate. For comparison, $170000 of that came in the last 6.5 months. My conversion is not as great down to 0.45% but I am working on it, plus I am advertising to increase my traffic, awareness and reach at the moment. I have developed a strong following of return buyers and word is that I offer the best prices and best service they have dealt with. 90% of my customers are in the USA. It's very appealing since they don't pay VAT or import taxes under $800 and shipping is free.
My goal for next year is to bring $2000000 in revenue and start getting paid properly as a lot goes back into the company right now, plus my mom's got cancer so I pay for the treatment. I will also try to hire some freelancers to help with some trivial tasks as I am burning out.
Covid hasn't affected me much as I am online, plus people looked to refresh their wardrobes after quarantine and big companies with physical stores got hammered hard. I believe whoever comes out of this crisis will come out stronger than ever before.
In the meantime, let me share my tips and lessons learned from a few different areas.
Customer Service Is KING
So here's the thing. I am not just an owner, I am a customer. I bough many shoes before and it SHOCKED me how shitty the customer service was/is in many high end shoe brands. Reaching out to ask for sizing and receiving a message 4 months later, or none at all means I won't recommend your brand anywhere and also never buy from you again.
So this was my big opportunity. I love talking and interacting with people. I never leave an email hanging in my inbox and reply as soon as I can. Sometimes at 3 am in the night. I don't care, the only thing that matters is the mission. And my mission is to be the best in the world at what I do and offer the best service you have ever seen.
Feedback is great. You know, sometimes when I spot something strange in an order, or a made to order has arrived I give a quick call to the customer. They are mostly shocked, telling me they have never had such service before. If they don't reply, a very quick email works too.
Additionally, I write a handwritten note in every box. Sometimes I include a dad joke (ex. why are there no cats on mars? Because "curiosity" killed them all), sometimes I just thank them, or tell them how to properly take care of their shoes. This will be a challenge when the numbers increase, but I have some ideas already.
TLDR: Genuinely Care for your customer, and they will be your champions and ambassadors. Got a shitty customer? Deal with it and don't be afraid to say no. I have had only a handful of customers that I never want to hear from again and I can spell their names in a heartbeat. Don't sacrifice your integrity for a few $$$.
You Can Never Prepare Everything, Be Hungry To Learn Yourself
Think you can control and prepare everything pre/post launch? Impossible. I hired the website designers and they sucked. Waste of money. So I learned how to build my own website. Shopify has limitations but it is rather intuitive. I don't know code, but I learned how to find workarounds or notice patterns.
Last week I had to deal with bugs of products not showing as "Sold Out". It took me hours and hours but I did find a way.
If you are a lazy ass and think you will make a quick buck or have the money flow in you are in for a tough ride and shouldn't be in it alltogether. The goal is to work on what you love, find partners and workers you can trust and outsource the things you don't like, so you can focus on the important parts like business growth. But it takes time.
I also learned photography and photoshop, and lightroom, and illustrator. Because I had to. A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal. Don't give up, fight back and the smile on your face when you manage something as simple as uploading the SVG logo in your header on your website is worth it.
TLDR: Be ready to learn. A Jack of all trades is ok but in the long run you need focus and specialization. Nobody remembers the middle wheel of a truck. Be prepared for a rough 1-2 years.
Logistics Are As Important
I worked with the local post. It was my biggest source of anxiety. God damn sometimes it took 7 days to reach the US, sometimes 1.5 month. I contacted DHL and now I ship for super prices all over the world. 1 business day to New York. Unreal. Delivered to your door.
From my engineering days, we said that in a 3D model if the data that goes in is shit, the data that goes out will be shit. Same here, if your infrastructure is terrible, then you are sabotaging your whole brand/product.
Don't Be Afraid To Negotiate
My DHL prices are great. However I reached out to them a month ago and told them about my progress. They invited me to renegotiate to a better rate after the summer.
I also called my phone provider and reduced my phone bill for the exact same data by $10 a month. That's $120 a year.
I increased my stock a lot and asked for a discount on orders, I got a 3% off big orders. It quickly adds up. But nothing would happen if I didn't chase it or ask. Do it!!!!
Attracting Investors
During my last day at Suitsupply I met by sheer luck a guy. He loved my shoes and we ended up going for a coffee. Turns out he was a big investor. We reached an agreement yesterday.
We will make something great out of this. Always be ready to pitch your brand and products, have focus and know what makes you unique. Show true enthusiasm and some knowledge. Good investors will invest in YOU not the product only. It's the difference between "doing ok" and success.
One thing to note, having investors is a partnership for the long term. If you don't trust or have a good feeling about that person, don't go into it even if you need the money.
Finding investors if you have something good is not hard, finding the correct investors is. Always be prepared!
Notice What Competitors Do & Do It Better
Cliche I know, but find something you can do better and you already have a head start. For me customer service was one thing and the other was photography. Now, I am by no means a pro but when I went to a shop that sells my shoes and I couldn't see what color the shoes truly are, It means I would never buy. All of them have those annoying product photos with fake light. Well, I take my pics outside in the real world in natural light and conditions.
There's always something to improve in the formula, even if it's tiny.
Invest In Yourself
I don't pay myself right now apart from the basics. However, I do spend $700 a month right now for a personal trainer. It's worth every penny for me. It keeps me sharp, healthy and looking/feeling good. Working in the office made me a "fat blob" as I sank in my ridiculous cubicle looking at excel sheets and slowly dying by the day.
Keep learning, keep growing and find some time for yourself. Otherwise you will burn out.
Social Media Is Important But Sucks Ass
Everything these days is pay to win. You are more often than not not going to drive any sales organically. I have 25K followers on IG but most of those who follow can't afford my shoes. What it IS important for though is BRAND EXPOSURE. Be consistent and be active. It is a time pit though so if and when you can outsource it.
Don't bother with influencers or anyone that calls themselves this. They won't net you a dollar. Instead, look for small niche people like I did on YouTube etc specializing in your field. If you are truly big then you can work with brand ambassadors but don't waste your money. Those mongrels can't even spell a sentence right or pitch their products. I charge influencers 50% more when they ask for free stuff.
I gave a total of 3 pairs of shoes to a 8k subscriber guy on YouTube and he has netted me $50000 in return. Laser Focus over quantity.
Build A Community
It all started for me 2 years ago with a blog about style and shoes (Misiu Academy). It allowed me to build a small audience so when I launched my shop I already had some buyers/preorders.
I now also launched my YouTube channel 2 months ago as visuals are important in such industries.
It's a hobby for now but it will help me learn a lot. You don't need such things, but if you have laid the foundation, your growth can be much quicker.
Paid Advertising
It varies from each industry. Most of you can do the Google Ads by yourselves. Their interface is unbelievably bad, but don't waste too much money on it.
The real conversion seems to be on Facebook and Instagram. HOWEVER. Don't do it by yourselves unless you are a pro. Otherwise it is a colossal money pit. Finding a good agency is super tough and you need to be prepared to spend to make money.
I would focus 20-30% on Google and the rest on FB/IG depending on industry. I currently spend about $5000 on ads in total. Crunch the numbers based on profit and spend/roi to figure out if you are actually making/losing/breaking even.
Also, if you thought that you will hire an agency and then they do all the work...reconsider. You have to be on top of things as very rarely they will get your brand message correctly. In one of the test ads a guy sent me a template that had my shoes and the moto "keep slayin". Not even joking. I died inside a bit. Be active and review everything initially until you are on auto pilot.
Always plan two steps ahead so you never end up one step back. If that makes any sense. I am hungry for success and improvement. Currently I am changing my company to an LLC and will apply for a bigger credit line for safety with my bank.
I plan to delegate some social media handling, find better storage and optimize my marketing.
Sorry, it was a long post and I got a little tired so I will write a little less now :)
Do It, But Be Prepared
It is worth to take the plunge only to do something you enjoy. You don't need passion, passion disappears after a while. Going all in without any plan however is a surefire way to fail for most of us. Don't see problems, see opportunities and challenges.
Because the sense of freedom, financial security, financial independence and not being anyone's puppets, while giving people a smile and making their day is worth every penny.
I work around 100-110 hours a week now. It is not easy, I am almost burnt out but I know that in the next 6 months I can take a lot off my shoulders. I do have the blog/youtube however so it doesn't mean you are going to do that much. But the more time and effort you are willing to spend, the bigger rewards you will reap.
I hope it was ok to post this and I hope you enjoyed a first timer's/amateur's adventures over the course of 13 months.
I will be more than happy to answer any questions or just discuss with you.
Best, Kostas
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$GPOR, Gulfport Energy - An Easy Portfolio Win in 2020 and Beyond?

$GPOR, Gulfport Energy - An Easy Portfolio Win in 2020 and Beyond?
Opening Statment:
I understand "easy" and "investing" are two words that don't always mix, but GPOR (Gulfport Energy) has become an easy, contrarian, no brainer investment for me at $2.16 and below. The market is treating the company's assets as if they are worthless. Gulfport's current Market Cap is under $350m placing its price to book at 0.05. (Lowest profitable P/B in the sector?)
Some Current Financial Figures:

Sector Overview
Follow Up Statment:
At a price to book of 0.05 on a company that's cash flow positive, trading at a P/E of less than 2, is growing, repurchasing shares and has insiders buying, I see an unrivaled value investment here. In a sector that is generally frowned upon, they have managed to shrug off market sentiment and continue to grow anyways.

Past 5 Year (Annual) Growth Data:
BV: 17%
Sales: 38%
CFO: 42%
EPS: 4%
(Small Recommendation: Use CAPE ratios if you're thinking about analyzing the company. 5 Year CAPE is what I'd use.)

Other Details:
Since 2017 the company has repurchased 13% of all outstanding shares.
Insiders are currently buying
Average price target among 19 analyst of $4.00 ($638m) 5 Buy, 10 Hold, 4 Sell. Low of $0.75 ($117m), High of $6.95 ($1.1B). Current Cap $308m, current liquidity $600m.
The company's currently at its lowest price since 2009.
The average P/B of the 20 lowest P/B companies (profitable) in this sector is roughly 0.32 (Average P/E roughly 3.92). (P/B,P/E - CHK @ 0.38,1.39 , SWN @ 0.35,1.03, GPOR @ 0.05,0.92.) The 5 closest profitable P/B's to GPOR in the sector are 0.11, 0.13, 0.17, 0.24, 0.27.

Disclaimer: I'm not your investment advisor and I am not responsible for any of your investment decisions. This post is for informational purposes only and any decisions made after reading this post are yours, and yours only. Please, please conduct your own research and verify information when making investment decisions.

The section below is a previous post on GPOR I made dated 09/29/19. I'd say it's still relevant:
(Good luck and I wish everyone the best out there! Apologies in advance for copy and pasted sections, time is valuable and it saved me a couple of hours. I still believe it gets the point across. It's all publicly available information. Google is amazing. Always invest in Google at a reasonable valuation. Once again good luck.)

$GPOR, Gulfport Energy Corporation - Great Buying Opportunity

Company Details:
Gulfport Energy is an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company focused on the exploration, exploitation, acquisition and production of natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids, or NGLs, in the United States. Their strategy is to internally identify prospects, acquire lands encompassing those prospects and evaluate those prospects using subsurface geology and geophysical data and exploratory drilling. Using this strategy, they have developed an oil and natural gas portfolio of proved reserves, as well as development and exploratory drilling opportunities on high potential conventional and unconventional oil and natural gas prospects. The company’s principal properties are located in the Utica Shale primarily in Eastern Ohio and the SCOOP Woodford and SCOOP Springer plays in Oklahoma. In addition, they hold an acreage position along the Louisiana Gulf Coast in the West Cote Blanche Bay and Hackberry fields, an acreage position in the Alberta oil sands in Canada through their interest in Grizzly Oil Sands ULC and an approximate 21.9% equity interest in Mammoth Energy Services, Inc., a company that serves the electric utility and oil and natural gas industries. They seek to achieve reserve growth and increase cash flow through their annual drilling programs.
Gulfport Energy has a consistent history of being able to cash flow both the needs and the growth of its operations and this trend looks like it will continue into the foreseeable future. Their debt threshold has always been somewhat conservative and current financials mixed with future projections show that they will remain solvent. Since 2007, they have grown book value at an average annual rate of 34% compounded while also growing cash flow from operations 41% annually (Since 2014, book value has grown at 17% and CFFO has grown at 42%). I believe that if management can continue to grow book value at a rate of at least 10% annually over the next 3 to 5 years, Gulfport Energy’s current valuation makes it an extremely enticing investment. If we look back to 2014, the company had a book value of $3.6 Billion. Since then, that figure has almost doubled to $6.5 Billion. Today, the company currently sits at a valuation of less than $500 Million. To me, that’s insane whatever way you try to frame it.
I believe that with the company’s current financial position, future prospects, any slight uptick in the macro picture, and their current share repurchase program (up to 30% of all outstanding shares), this company could test all-time highs at some point in the next 5 to 7 years. I also see a buyout opportunity shaping up here. With the company’s valuation as suppressed as it currently is and the company electing to both repurchase shares and pay off debt, I believe the company could demand a (at a minimum) 40 to 50% premium in a buyout/merger situation. I see both short-term and long-term catalysts at play here that make Gulfport Energy an enticing company to add to your watchlist.
We currently hold shares in Gulfport Energy and hope to add more on any major declines.
One final point is that since 2017, the company has reduced its total outstanding shares by 13%. It is important to note that they are conducting their share repurchases at time of unprecedented undervaluation which to me shows they are extremely well versed in capital allocation and focused solely on shareholder returns.
Best wishes and good luck everybody!
Do your own research. I'm not your investment advisor and I'm not responsible for any of your investment decisions. With that being said, I hope ya'll make money and good luck.
Operations Summary
Gulfport Energy is a natural gas exploration and production company focused on shareholder returns through the efficient development of its core positions in two of North America’s lowest-cost and high return natural gas basins.
Core Areas of Operation:
Utica Shale - OH
Acreage: ~210,000 Net Acres
YE 2018 Proved Reserves: 3.4 Net Tcfe
2Q2019 Net Production: 1,050.7 MMcfepd
Acreage: ~92,000 Net Reservoir Acres(4)
YE 2018 Proved Reserves: 1.4 Net Tcfe
2Q2019 Net Production: 298.3 MMcfepd
Other Info
Market Capitalization: x < $500 Million
Enterprise Value: $2.7 Billion
Book Value: $3.6 Billion
Liquidity: $615 Million
Sales: $1.35 Billion
2018 Net Income: $430 Million
2018 Cash Provided by Operating Activities (CFFO): $752 Million
2007-2019 Average Annual CFFO Growth: 41%
2014-2019 Average Annual CFFO Growth: 42%
2007-2019 Average Annual Book Value Growth: 34%
2014-2019 Average Annual Book Value Growth: 17%
Profit Margin: 37%
Operating Margin 40%
Total Capital: $5.4 Billion
Return on Capital: 8%
Return on Equity: 13%
Return on Assets: 7%
Company History
1997-1998 Phase 1: Formation/Asset Focus
Gulfport Energy was formed in July 1997
Initial assets were those of WRT Energy and a 50% working interest in the West Cote Blanche Bay (“WCBB”) field contributed by DLB Oil and Gas
Gulfport divested a number of assets during this period leaving a cleaner balance sheet and focused asset base
1998-2005 Phase 2: Low Risk Development
Focused on production and cash flow growth from low risk development activities principally in WCBB
Reprocessed 3-D seismic in WCBB field
Created a track record of successful drilling
2005-2007 Phase 3: Expansion/Diversification
Continued successful drilling and growth at the WCBB field
Conducted a 3-D seismic shoot and drilled first exploratory wells in Hackberry field
Amassed solid acreage position in Canadian Oil Sands and launched core hole drilling program
Acquired interest in Phu Horm natural gas field in Thailand
2007-2012 Phase 4: Resource Play Addition
Acquired initial acreage position in Permian Basin and expanded through acquisitions
Acquired larger interest in second natural gas field in Thailand
Secured sizable position in the core of the Utica Shale achieving early entrant advantages
Began vertical integration efforts in the Utica Shale to secure access to quality services
2012-Today Phase 5: Resource Development
Initiated drilling program to begin developing Utica Shale resource and currently actively developing acreage.
Contributed Permian Basin interests in Diamondback Energy, Inc. IPO.
Contributed certain services investments into Mammoth Energy Services, Inc. IPO.
Acquired assets in the core of the SCOOP play and currently actively developing acreage.
Growth Strategy
Establish an asset portfolio pursuing first mover advantages in emerging plays whenever possible
Build a financially conservative capital structure with low levels of debt allowing for flexibility in pursuing acquisition opportunities as they present themselves
Develop operating efficiencies in core areas providing for a stream of free cash flow and effective growth through the drill bit
Secure significant acreage positions in emerging plays among major players
Provide long-term growth opportunities through investing in high impact projects
Management & Board
CEO – David M. Wood
Mr. Wood joined Gulfport in December 2018 from Arsenal Resources LLC. David M. Wood holds a B.S. (Hons) Geology from the University of Nottingham in England and completed Harvard University’s Advanced Management Program.
COO – Donnie Moore
Mr. Moore joined Gulfport as the Chief Operating Officer in January 2018 from Noble Energy, Inc. He brings more than 28 years of operations and subsurface leadership experience. Mr. Moore is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering.
CFO – Quentin R. Hicks
Mr. Hicks joined Gulfport as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in August 2019 from Halcón Resources Corporation. Mr. Hicks worked in investment banking with Bear Stearns, Sanders Morris Harris and most recently Madison Williams, where he was a Director in the energy investment banking practice. Mr. Hicks graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science degree in Accounting. In addition, Mr. Hicks holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from Vanderbilt University and also holds a Certified Public Accountant license from the State of Texas.
Chairman of the Board – David L. Houston
Mr. Houston has served as a director of the Company since July 1998 and as Chairman of the Board since July 2013. Since 1991, Mr. Houston has been the principal of Houston Financial, a firm providing wealth management products and services with a focus on the energy sector. Mr. Houston has served as the lead director on the board of directors of Diamondback Energy, Inc. since October 2012. Mr. Houston received a Bachelor of Science Degree in business from Oklahoma State University and a graduate degree in banking from Louisiana State University. Mr. Houston was recognized as a Top 100 Graduate of the College of Business at Oklahoma State University in the last 100 years and served on the faculty of the Louisiana State University Graduate School of Banking from 1980 to 1981.
Link to Corporate Presentation
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Complete list of all 1,217 stock holdings worth $1 Million or more.

*edit - thank you for the reddit gold. I will drink a beer to commemorate the happy occasion.
This is a simplified but expanded version of a table I posted as a comment in the main thread yesterday.
I had to limit it to no decimals or ticker symbols based on Reddit's max of 40,000 characters. So everything is rounded to the nearest million. Nothing below $1M (an additional 418 companies) is listed.
Stock Amt
Apple, Inc. $1005M
Alphabet Inc. $787M
Microsoft Corp. $782M
Intel Corp. $594M
Express Scripts Holding Co. $589M
Johnson & Johnson $560M
Facebook, Inc. $463M
Mednax, Inc. $462M, Inc. $454M
Celgene Corp. $452M
Snap-On Inc. $405M
Marriott International, Inc. $386M
Wells Fargo & Co. $353M
Visa, Inc. $352M
Enterprise Products Partners L.P. $343M
The Walt Disney Co. $343M
Stryker Corp. $326M
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. $325M
JPMorgan Chase & Co. $312M
Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (The) $311M
Adobe Systems, Inc. $306M
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. $295M
Chevron Corp. $289M
LKQ Corp. $281M
UnitedHealth Group Inc. $278M
Fastenal Co. $278M
Home Depot, Inc. (The) $259M
Danaher Corp. $255M
Bank of America Corp. $252M
U.S. Bancorp $238M
Applied Materials, Inc. $237M
O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. $229M
Kinder Morgan, Inc. $224M
Abbott Laboratories $221M
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. $220M
MasterCard Incorporated $219M
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. $216M
Schlumberger Ltd. $215M
TJX Companies, Inc. (The) $209M
Citigroup, Inc. $209M
Union Pacific Corp. $207M
Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. $201M
CME Group, Inc. $193M
American Tower Corp. (REIT) $191M
Nike, Inc. $190M
NextEra Energy, Inc. $183M
Illinois Tool Works, Inc. $178M
Texas Instruments Inc. $177M
Oracle Corp. $177M
Southern Co. (The) $167M
Prologis, Inc. $167M
Zions Bancorporation $166M
Royal Bank of Canada (Montreal, PQ) $165M
Boeing Company (The) $158M
iShares Core S&P 500 ETF $158M
Xilinx, Inc. $154M
Knight-Swift Transportation $154M
Best Buy Co., Inc. $150M
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Inc. $139M
Valero Energy Corp. $137M
First Republic Bank (San Francisco, California) $135M
Southwest Airlines Co. $134M
Praxair, Inc. $132M
Stericycle, Inc. $131M
Intuitive Surgical, Inc. $123M
Henry Schein, Inc. $122M
PayPal Holdings, Inc. $117M
MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc. $116M
Exxon Mobil Corp. $116M
EXACT Sciences Corp. $114M
Dow Chemical Co. (The) $114M
Suncor Energy Inc. $112M
Aon Plc $111M
Lincoln National Corp. $110M
Alphabet Inc. Class C $109M
Gilead Sciences, Inc. $107M
Humana, Inc. $106M
United Rentals, Inc. $105M
Costco Wholesale Corp. $103M
Robert Half International, Inc $99M
International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc $97M
Cummins, Inc. $95M
Fortive Corporation $95M
NetApp, Inc. $95M
Toronto-Dominion Bank (ON) $92M
United Technologies Corp. $90M
TC Pipelines, LP $88M
World Fuel Services Corporation $88M
Anthem, Inc. $87M
NVIDIA Corp. $85M
Northern Trust Corp. $84M
Regions Financial Corp. $83M
Accenture plc $81M
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. $80M
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. $80M
Kraft Heinz Company $79M
ConAgra Foods, Inc. $78M
Johnson Controls International plc $78M
Pfizer, Inc. $75M
Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. $74M
HP Inc. $73M
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. $72M
Capital One Financial Corp. $72M
Dorman Products, Inc. $72M
Steel Dynamics, Inc. $70M
Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. $69M
Marathon Petroleum Corp. $67M
Prudential Financial, Inc. $65M
CVS Health Corporation $65M
MarketAxess Holdings, Inc. $64M
SPDR Consumer Discretionary Select Sector ETF $63M
Western Digital Corp. $62M
Healthcare Services Group, Inc. $62M
F5 Networks, Inc. $60M
AT & T, Inc. $59M
Clorox Company (The) $59M
Owens Corning, Inc. $58M
Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. $58M
Tractor Supply Co. $57M
Ross Stores, Inc. $56M
Carnival Corp. $56M
Darden Restaurants, Inc. $55M
Tyson Foods, Inc. $55M
Biogen Inc. $55M
Procter & Gamble Co. (The) $54M
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. $54M
American Electric Power Company, Inc. $54M
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. $53M
Cisco Systems, Inc. $52M
AFLAC, Inc. $52M
Canadian National Railway Co. $51M
Morgan Stanley $50M
Hunt (J.B.) Transport Services, Inc. $50M
Wellcare Health Plans, Inc. $50M
DXC Technology Company $50M
Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. $50M
Allstate Corp. (The) $50M
Lam Research Corp. $50M
Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. $49M
Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (The) $49M
Caterpillar, Inc. $49M
Colgate-Palmolive Co. $48M
Corning, Inc. $47M
Amgen Inc. $47M
Target Corp. $46M
Motorola Solutions, Inc. $46M
Lear Corp. $45M
LyondellBasell Industries NV $44M
Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. $44M
DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. $43M
Dominion Resources, Inc. $43M
SPDR Consumer Staples Select Sector ETF $43M
Thor Industries, Inc. $42M
Smith (A.O.) Corp. $42M
Wyndham Worldwide Corp. $42M
United Continental Holdings, Inc. $40M
Chemours Company (The) $40M
Akamai Technologies, Inc. $39M
Synchrony Financial $39M
Discover Financial Services $38M
PPL Corp. $38M
Duke Energy Corp. (Holding Co.) $38M
Everest RE Group, Ltd. (Holding Co.) $37M
AbbVie Inc. $37M
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The) $37M
Ally Financial Inc. $37M
Lazard Ltd. $36M
Westrock Company $36M
Pinnacle West Capital Corp. $36M
Micron Technology, Inc. $36M
Delta Air Lines, Inc. $35M
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF $35M
Travelers Companies, Inc. (The) $34M
McDonald's Corp. $34M
Verizon Communications, Inc. $34M
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Japan Equity ETF $34M
Quest Diagnostics, Inc. $33M
Legg Mason, Inc. $33M
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta International Equity ETF $33M
Packaging Corp. of America $33M
SYSCO Corp. $33M
Eastman Chemical Company $33M
Jabil Circuit, Inc. $33M
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. $33M
Ryder System, Inc. $32M
CA, Inc. $32M
Eaton Corporation $32M
Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Europe Equity ETF $32M
Prosperity Bancshares, Inc. $31M
Assured Guaranty Ltd. $31M
Coherent, Inc. $31M
iShares Core S&P MidCap ETF $31M
eBay, Inc. $31M
E*TRADE Financial, Inc. $31M
Domator Corp. $30M
Vanguard FTSE All-World ex US Small Cap Index Fund ETF $30M
Assurant, Inc. $30M
Kimberly-Clark Corp. $30M
NVR, Inc. $30M
NorthWestern Corp. $29M
Ameren Corp. $29M
EPAM Systems Inc. $29M
General Motors Company $29M
Copa Holdings, S.A. $28M
ManpowerGroup $28M
ON Semiconductor Corporation $28M
ANSYS, Inc. $28M
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (The) $28M
Old Republic International Corp. $28M
Consolidated Edison, Inc. $28M
Trinity Industries, Inc. $28M
Centene Corp. $27M
Kroger Co. $27M
Vanguard Small-Cap ETF $27M
HollyFrontier Corp. $27M
Teradata Corp. $26M
Newfield Exploration Company $26M
Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. $26M
Bemis Co., Inc. $26M
Juniper Networks, Inc. $26M
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. $26M
Fifth Third Bancorp $26M
Cimpress N.V. $26M
Grainger (W.W.), Inc. $25M
Becton Dickinson & Co. $25M
Kohl's Corp. $25M
ARRIS International plc $25M
Duke Realty Corp. $25M
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. $25M
Murphy Oil Corp. $24M
WNS Holdings Ltd. $24M
Hormel Foods Corp. $24M
Dollar General Corp. $24M
Bunge Ltd. $24M
PG&E Corp. $24M
American Express Co. $24M
SVB Financial Group $23M
Nordson Corp. $23M
Comcast Corp. $23M
Cigna Corp. $23M
HEICO Corp. $23M
JetBlue Airways Corp. $23M
Xcel Energy, Inc. $22M
Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. $22M
Varian Medical Systems, Inc. $22M
Arista Networks, Inc. $22M
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. $22M
Harris Corp. $22M
VeriSign, Inc. $22M
Electronic Arts Inc. $22M
Ford Motor Co. $22M
International Business Machines Corp. $21M
American Airlines Group Inc. $21M
Clovis Oncology, Inc. $21M
Macy's, Inc. $21M
Simon Property Group, Inc. $21M
XL Group Ltd. $21M
Mettler Toledo International, Inc. $21M
Graphic Packaging Holding Co. $21M
Cardinal Health, Inc. $20M
CBRE Group, Inc. $20M
Exelon Corp. $20M
People's United Financial, Inc. $20M
HMS Holdings Corp. $20M
Teradyne, Inc. $20M
Alaska Air Group, Inc. $20M
AmerisourceBergen Corp. $20M
Teladoc, Inc. $20M
Discovery Communications, Inc. $20M
QEP Resources, Inc. $19M
National Fuel Gas Co. $19M
Air Methods Corp. $19M
Comerica, Inc. $19M
PACCAR, Inc. $19M
State Street Corp. $19M
Unum Group $19M
Ingersoll-Rand plc $19M
Merck & Co., Inc. $19M
Toll Brothers, Inc. $18M
Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc. $18M
Universal Health Services, Inc. $18M
Spirit Aerosystems Holdings, Inc. $18M
Pilgrim's Pride Corp. $18M
Omnicom Group, Inc. $18M
Teva Pharmaceutical Fin Llc Bond $18M
Welltower Inc. $18M
NCR Corp. $18M
Popular, Inc. $17M
Waste Management, Inc. $17M
Discovery Communications, Inc. $17M
Spirit Airlines, Inc. $17M
Kansas City Southern $17M
Progressive Corp. (The) $17M
The Priceline Group Inc. $17M
HCA Holdings Inc. $17M
Eli Lilly & Co. $17M
Newmont Mining Corp. $17M
Casey's General Stores, Inc. $17M
IAC/InterActiveCorp. $16M
Pegasystems, Inc. $16M
InnerWorkings, Inc. $16M
HCP, Inc. $16M
Allison Transmission Holdings, Inc. $16M
Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc. $16M
FactSet Research Systems, Inc. $16M
Northrop Grumman Corp. $16M
Raytheon Co. $16M
Carlisle Companies, Inc. $16M
Huntsman Corp. $16M
PulteGroup, Inc. $16M
Equinix, Inc. $15M
Oshkosh Corporation (Holding Company) $15M
Paychex, Inc. $15M
3M Co. $15M
IPG Photonics Corp. $15M
Devon Energy Corp. $15M
Vistra Energy Corp. $15M
QUALCOMM Incorporated $15M
General Electric Co. $15M
HealthEquity, Inc. $15M
Apache Corp. $14M
Leidos Holdings, Inc. $14M
Citizens Financial Group, Inc. $14M
Signet Jewelers Ltd. $14M
SCANA Corp. $14M
Cerner Corp. $14M
Alcoa Corp. $14M
Nielsen Holdings PLC $14M
Honeywell International, Inc. $14M
SunTrust Banks, Inc. $13M
Liberty Interactive Corp. Series A QVC Group $13M
AutoZone, Inc. $13M
Citrix Systems, Inc. $13M
Westlake Chemical Corp. $13M
iShares MSCI EAFE ETF $13M
Drew Industries, Inc. $13M
Edison International $13M
Norfolk Southern Corp. $13M
Celanese Corp. $13M
Inphi Corp. $13M
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company $13M
Republic Services, Inc. $13M
McGraw Hill Financial, Inc. $13M
Lowe's Companies, Inc. $13M
Littelfuse, Inc. $13M
Proto Labs, Inc. $13M
Vocera Communications, Inc. $13M
Meridian Bioscience, Inc. $12M
Hospitality Properties Trust $12M
Chimera Investment Corp. $12M
bluebird bio, Inc. $12M
Switch Inc $12M
Principal Financial Group, Inc. $12M
General Mills, Inc. $12M
Medtronic plc $12M
Red Hat, Inc. $12M
Palo Alto Networks, Inc. $12M
KLA-Tencor Corp. $12M
Gulfport Energy Corp. $12M
Neogen Corp. $11M
Gap, Inc. (The) $11M
Teleflex, Inc. $11M
Zoetis Inc. $11M
Baxter International, Inc. $11M
KeyCorp $11M
Broadcom Limited $11M
Liberty Interactive Ventures Corp Series A $11M
Michaels Companies Inc. (The) $11M
Franklin Resources, Inc. $11M
Public Storage $11M
Sherwin-Williams Co. (The) $11M
Tyler Technologies, Inc. $11M
Deere & Co. $11M
Athene Holding Ltd $11M
Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. $11M
Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF $11M
Regal-Beloit Corp. $11M
Torchmark Corp. $11M
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. $11M
American Financial Group, Inc. (Holding Co.) $11M
Reinsurance Group of America, Inc. $11M
Cabot Corp. $11M
AvalonBay Communities, Inc. $11M
Costar Group, Inc. $11M
Amdocs Ltd. $10M
Leucadia National Corp. $10M
Lockheed Martin Corp. $10M
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. $10M
McKesson Corp. $10M
GameStop Corp. $10M
Berry Plastics Group, Inc. $10M
Prospect Capital Corp. 4.75% Bond due 2020-04-15 $10M
LifePoint Health, Inc. $10M
Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. $10M
Trex Co., Inc. $10M
Phillips 66 $10M
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. $10M
CSX Corp. $10M
Symantec Corp. $10M
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd $10M
SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF $9M
East West Bancorp, Inc. $9M
Barnes Group, Inc. $9M
Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings $9M
Foot Locker, Inc. $9M
Quanta Services, Inc. $9M
Baker Hughes, a GE company $9M
Hd Supply Inc. $9M
JELD-WEN Holding, Inc. $9M
Entergy Corp. $9M
Amphenol Corp. $9M
CoreCivic Inc $9M
FLIR Systems, Inc. $9M
First Trust Senior Loan Fund ETF $9M
Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. $9M
Equity Lifestyles Properties, Inc. $9M
ASML Holding N.V. (ADR) $9M
Sonoco Products Co. $9M
Microchip Technology Inc. $9M
Cintas Corp. $9M
Toyota Motor Corp. $8M
Crown Holdings, Inc. $8M
Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. $8M
Zebra Technologies Corp. $8M
Envestnet, Inc. $8M
Antero Resources Corporation $8M
PVH Corp. $8M
Pinnacle Foods, Inc. $8M
Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc. $8M
AXIS Capital Holdings Ltd. $8M
Proofpoint, Inc. $8M
M & T Bank Corp. $8M
Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. $8M
United Parcel Service, Inc. $8M
CVB Financial Corp. $8M
Carriage Services, Inc. $8M
Avery Dennison Corp. $8M
Tahoe Resources Inc. $8M, Inc. $8M
McCormick & Co., Inc. $8M
Total System Services, Inc. $8M
Block (H.&R.), Inc. $8M
Auris Medical Holding AG $8M
Visteon Corp. $8M
Mondelez International, Inc. $7M
Parker-Hannifin Corp. $7M
FMC Corp. $7M
Kirby Corp. $7M
Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. $7M
EOG Resources, Inc. $7M
Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc. $7M
CMS Energy Corp. $7M
BlackRock, Inc. $7M
ConocoPhillips $7M
Schwab Charles Corp $7M
D.R. Horton, Inc. $7M
Chubb Ltd $7M
First Data Corporation $7M
FedEx Corp. $7M
Westamerica Bancorporation $7M
Raymond James Financial, Inc. $7M
Micro Focus International plc $7M
Echo Global Logistics, Inc. $7M
Allergan plc $7M
Patrick Industries, Inc. $7M
Staar Surgical Co. $7M
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. $7M
Oceaneering International, Inc. $7M
American Water Works Co., Inc. $7M
Burlington Stores, Inc. $7M
L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. $7M
General Dynamics Corp. $7M
CBS Corp. $7M
Veeva Systems Inc. $7M
Rockwell Automation, Inc. $7M
Toro Company (The) $7M
Unilever N.V. $7M
Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. $7M
Fiserv, Inc. $7M
Realogy Holdings Corp. $7M
American Campus Communities, Inc. $7M
Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. (THE) $6M
Core Laboratories N.V. $6M
Ventas, Inc. $6M
Occidental Petroleum Corp. $6M
SLM Corp. (Sallie Mae) $6M
SBA Communications Corp. $6M
LPL Financial Holdings Inc. $6M
MSCI, Inc. $6M
Halliburton Co. (Holding Company) $6M
Cincinnati Financial Corp. $6M
Sony Corp. $6M
PowerShares International Corporate Bond Portfolio $6M
AAON, Inc. $6M
Sanfilippo (JOHN B) & Son, Inc. $6M
Extended Stay America, Inc. $6M
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. $6M
Fidelity National Financial, Inc. $6M
Netflix, Inc. $6M
Boston Scientific Corp. $6M
Cooper Companies, Inc. (The) $6M
Q2 Holdings, Inc. $6M
Generac Holding Inc. $6M
Pioneer Natural Resources Co. $6M
Polaris Industries, Inc $6M
iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF $6M
Emerson Electric Co. $6M
Intuit Inc. $6M
Abaxis, Inc. $6M
Power Integrations, Inc. $6M
CyrusOne Inc. $6M
Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. $6M
Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. $6M
MetLife, Inc. $6M
Hasbro, Inc. $6M
Textron, Inc. $6M
American International Group, Inc. $6M
United Therapeutics Corp. $6M
Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc $6M
Patterson Companies, Inc. $6M
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (The) $5M
Nucor Corp. $5M
Ecolab, Inc. $5M
Hershey Company (The) $5M
Align Technology, Inc. $5M
Liquidity Services, Inc. $5M
Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. $5M
BHP Billiton Ltd. $5M
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $5M
BB&T Corp. $5M
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. $5M
Cognex Corp. $5M
NextEra Energy Partners LP $5M
Coresite Realty Corp $5M
Whirlpool Corp. $5M
Novartis AG $5M
Cable One Inc. $5M
Waters Corp. $5M
South Jersey Industries, Inc. $5M
Kellogg Co. $5M
Financial Engines, Inc. $5M
Trimble Navigation Ltd. $5M
Analog Devices, Inc. $5M
Keysight Technologies Inc. $5M
Atmos Energy Corp. $5M
Alliant Energy Corp. $5M
IDEX Corp. $5M
Activision Blizzard, Inc. $5M
Buckeye Partners, L.P. $5M
Eversource Energy $5M
Gardner Denver Holdings, Inc. $5M
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. $5M
Vectren Corp. $5M
PPG Industries, Inc. $5M
PacWest Bancorp $5M
CenturyLink, Inc. $5M
Teledyne Technologies Inc. $5M
BlackLine, Inc. $5M
Copart, Inc. $5M
Bofi Holding, Inc. $5M
Yum! Brands, Inc. $5M
Nektar Therapeutics $5M
Alibaba Group Holding Limited $5M
Crown Castle International Corp. $5M
CDK Global, Inc. $5M
IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. $5M
Alleghany Corp. $5M
Park Hotels & Resorts Inc. $5M
SEI Investments Co. $5M
Equity Residential $5M
ABB Ltd. $5M
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. $5M
BorgWarner, Inc. $5M
Gentex Corp. $5M
EQT Midstream Partners LP $5M
Urban Outfitters, Inc. $5M
Henry (JACK) & Associates, Inc. $5M
Masco Corp. $5M
Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP $5M
News Corp $5M
Boston Properties, Inc. $5M
Dominos Pizza Inc. $5M
Dollar Tree, Inc. $5M
TEGNA Inc. $5M
First American Financial Corp. (The) $5M
Market Vectors International High Yield Bond ETF $4M
TE Connectivity Ltd. $4M
Anadarko Petroleum Corp. $4M
Illumina, Inc. $4M
Camden Property Trust $4M
US Foods Holding Corp. $4M
UGI Corp. $4M
ICU Medical, Inc. $4M
Virtusa Corp. $4M
QAD, Inc. $4M
Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc. Series B $4M
ExlService Holdings, Inc. $4M
Newell Brands Inc. $4M
Graco Inc. $4M
Bank of the Ozarks, Inc. $4M
Realty Income Corp. $4M
Essex Property Trust, Inc. $4M
Charter Communications, Inc. $4M
WEC Energy Group, Inc. $4M
Arrow Electronics, Inc. $4M
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. $4M
International Paper Company $4M
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $4M
Roper Technologies, Inc. $4M
Murphy USA Inc. $4M
Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. $4M
Westar Energy, Inc. $4M
STERIS Corp. $4M
Albemarle Corp. $4M
Williams Companies, Inc. (The) $4M
Genuine Parts Co. $4M
Vornado Realty Trust $4M
Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC $4M
Mohawk Industries, Inc. $4M
Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co KGaA $4M
Verisk Analytics, Inc. $4M
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. $4M
Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (The) $4M
Education Realty Trust, Inc. $4M
Lennox International, Inc. $4M
Mylan N.V. $4M
Edwards Lifesciences Corp. $4M
Campbell Soup Co. $4M
HSBC Holdings Plc $4M
Signature Bank $4M
Qualys, Inc. $4M
Eagle Materials, Inc. $4M
Aqua America, Inc. $4M
Service Corp. International $4M
DST Systems, Inc. $4M
DTE Energy Co. $4M
Concho Resources, Inc. $4M
SPS Commerce, Inc. $4M
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. $4M
Moody's Corp. $4M
Flowers Foods, Inc. $4M
Hubbell Inc $4M
OGE Energy Corp. $4M
RPM International, Inc. $4M
CF Industries Holding, Inc. $4M
Kilroy Realty Corp. $4M
LogMein, Inc. $4M
Weyerhaeuser Co. $4M
Lamar Advertising Co. REIT $4M
Versum Materials, Inc. $4M
Agilent Technologies, Inc. $4M
Berkley (W.R.) Corp. $4M
PTC Inc. $4M
Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc. $4M
Microsemi Corp. $4M
Autodesk, Inc. $4M
New York Community Bancorp, Inc. $4M
Janus Henderson Group plc $4M
Metro One Telecommunications, Inc. $4M
Ametek, Inc. $4M
National Grid Plc $4M
Sempra Energy $4M
Wabtec Corp. $4M
Harley-Davidson, Inc. $4M
ONEOK, Inc. $4M
Vulcan Materials Co. (Holding Co.) $3M
Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., Inc. $3M
Novo-Nordisk A/S $3M
NICE Systems Ltd. $3M
Navient Corporation $3M
Total S.A. $3M
Brixmor Property Group Inc. $3M
Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company $3M
Canon, Inc. $3M
Synovus Financial Corp. $3M
Fortinet, Inc. $3M
Helmerich & Payne, Inc. $3M
Eaton Vance Corp. $3M
Price (T.) Rowe Group, Inc. $3M
Equifax, Inc. $3M
V.F. Corp. $3M
National Retail Properties, Inc. $3M
Digital Realty Trust, Inc. $3M
TechnipFMC $3M
Andeavor Corp. $3M
Douglas Emmett, Inc. $3M
Alliance Data Systems Corp. $3M
CSRA Inc. $3M
Aptiv PLC $3M
Yum China Holdings, Inc. $3M
Liberty Property Trust $3M
Marathon Oil Corp. $3M
CNA Financial Corp. $3M
Synopsys, Inc. $3M
Pool Corp. $3M
Fluor Corp. $3M
Ultimate Software Group, Inc. (The) $3M
Donaldson Co., Inc. $3M
Bioverativ Inc. $3M
Brookfield Asset Management, Inc. $3M
Oxford Immunotec Global PLC $3M
Global Payments, Inc. $3M
Terex Corp. $3M
T-Mobile US, Inc. $3M
Sportsman's Warehouse Holdings, Inc. $3M
Westpac Banking Corp. Ltd. $3M
Noble Energy, Inc. $3M
Catalent Inc. $3M
Commerce Bancshares, Inc. $3M
Post Holdings, Inc. $3M
Syngenta AG $3M
National Oilwell Varco, Inc. $3M
Dover Corp. $3M
Curtiss-Wright Corp. $3M
Brown & Brown, Inc. $3M
Ralph Lauren Corp. $3M
Nordstrom, Inc. $3M
Royal Dutch Shell Plc $3M
Expedia, Inc. $3M
Hanesbrands, Inc. $3M
Hologic, Inc. $3M
NxStage Medical, Inc. $3M
Seagate Technology PLC $3M
Transdigm Group, Inc. $3M
United States Steel Corp. $3M
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. $3M
CIT Group, Inc. (The) $3M
Olin Corp. $3M
Hess Corp. $3M
Invesco Ltd. $3M
DCT Industrial Trust, Inc. $3M
Loews Corp. $3M
Cimarex Energy Co. $3M
Six Flags Entertainment Corp $3M
Sterling Bancorp $3M
Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. $3M
Lennar Corp. $3M
Highwoods Properties, Inc. $3M
MDU Resources Group, Inc. $3M
Sanofi $3M
Incyte Corp. $3M
CenterPoint Energy, Inc. $3M
Gartner, Inc. $3M
AptarGroup, Inc. $3M
Sun Communities, Inc. $3M
Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. $3M
Energen Corp. $3M
WEX Inc. $3M
Coty, Inc. $3M
Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. $3M
Sealed Air Corp. $3M
Viacom, Inc. $3M
Transocean, Inc. $3M
Nasdaq, Inc. $3M
InterContinental Hotels Group Plc $3M
Omega HealthCare Investors, Inc. $3M
WPX Energy, Inc. $3M
EQT Corp. $3M
Blackbaud, Inc. $3M
Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. $3M
Crane Co. $3M
Carter's, Inc. $3M
Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. $3M
Mosaic Company (The) (Holding Company) $3M
Huntington Bancshares, Inc. $3M
Extra Space Storage, Inc. $3M
First Solar, Inc. $3M
Federal Realty Investment Trust $3M
Royal Gold, Inc. $3M
Tiffany & Co. $3M
Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. $3M
UDR, Inc. $3M
Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. $3M
Pentair plc. $3M
Mid-America Apartment Communities, Inc. $3M
Ball Corp. $3M
Aetna, Inc. $3M
Acuity Brands, Inc. (Holding Company) $3M
Snyders-Lance, Inc. $3M
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. $3M
CBOE Holdings, Inc. $3M
Valvoline Inc. $3M
FirstEnergy Corp. $3M
MKS Instruments, Inc. $3M
Western Union Co. (The) $3M
Webster Financial Corp. $3M
Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. $3M
DISH Network Corp. $3M
UBS Group AG $3M
Bio-Techne Corp $3M
Skechers U.S.A. Inc. $3M
Macerich Company (THE) $3M
Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $3M
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. $3M
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. $3M
Gallagher (ARTHUR J.) & Co. $3M
Medical Properties Trust Inc. $3M
Watsco, Inc. $3M
Prudential PLC $3M
Garmin Ltd. $3M
Cinemark Holdings, Inc. $3M
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. $3M
Xerox Corp. $3M
Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. $3M
L Brands, Inc. $3M
Xylem, Inc. $3M
ResMed Inc. $3M
Qorvo, Inc. $2M
Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. $2M
NRG Energy, Inc. $2M
PerkinElmer, Inc. $2M
Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc. $2M
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. $2M
Advance Auto Parts, Inc. $2M
Brunswick Corp. $2M
Iron Mountain Incorporated. (REIT) $2M
CarMax, Inc. $2M
Leggett & Platt, Inc. $2M
Avnet, Inc. $2M
AES Corp. (The) $2M
First Horizon National Corp. $2M
Umpqua Holdings Corp. $2M
Fair Isaac Corp. $2M
Wintrust Financial Corp. $2M
Owens-Illinois, Inc. $2M
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. $2M
EMCOR Group, Inc. $2M
SL Green Realty Corp. $2M
NiSource, Inc. $2M
CDW Corporation $2M
Apartment Investment & Management Co. $2M
Brighthouse Financial, Inc. $2M
Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (The) $2M
Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. $2M
Regency Centers Corp. $2M
AGCO Corp. $2M
F.N.B. Corp. $2M
Under Armour, Inc., Class C $2M
Energizer Holdings, Inc. $2M
Envision Healthcare Holdings, Inc. $2M
Ingredion, Inc. $2M
Primerica, Inc. $2M
Flowserve Corp. $2M
Senior Housing Properties Trust $2M
Allegion Public Limited $2M
ITT Inc. $2M
Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (The) $2M
TripAdvisor, Inc. $2M
Kimco Realty Corporation $2M
Dana Holding Corp. $2M
Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc. $2M
Chesapeake Energy Corp. $2M
ALLETE, Inc. $2M
Dun & Bradstreet Corp. (THE) $2M
Coach, Inc. $2M
Range Resources Corp. $2M
Under Armour, Inc. $2M
Rollins, Inc. $2M
National Instruments Corp. $2M
Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. $2M
AstraZeneca Plc $2M
ViaSat, Inc. $2M
CNO Financial Group, Inc. $2M
Hancock Holding Co. $2M
ONE Gas, Inc. $2M
Intersect ENT, Inc. $2M
Mattel, Inc. $2M
TCF Financial Corp. $2M
Landstar System, Inc. $2M
Vodafone Group Plc $2M
Sabre Corporation $2M
Sovran Self Storage, Inc. $2M
Williams-Sonoma, Inc. $2M
Chemed Corp. $2M
EPR Properties $2M
Stifel Financial Corp. $2M
Woodward, Inc $2M
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. $2M
Southwest Gas Corp. $2M
Masimo Corp. $2M
Bank of Hawaii Corp. $2M
Louisiana-Pacific Corp. $2M
CoreLogic, Inc. $2M
Banco Santander S.A. $2M
Rayonier, Inc. (REIT) $2M
Healthcare Realty Trust, Inc. $2M
GlaxoSmithKline plc $2M
Associated Banc-Corp. $2M
Spire Corp. $2M
Amber Road, Inc. $2M
Texas Roadhouse, Inc. $2M
KLX Inc. $2M
PBF Energy, Inc. $2M
Smith & Nephew PLC $2M
Kennametal Inc. $2M
BP Plc $2M
SYNNEX Corp. $2M
PNM Resources, Inc. $2M
TreeHouse Foods, Inc. $2M
Weingarten Realty Investors $2M
Brink's Company (The) $2M
Two Harbors Investment Corp. $2M
j2 Global, Inc $2M
Cousins Properties, Inc. $2M
The Wendy's Company $2M
Medidata Solutions, Inc. $2M
MB Financial, Inc. $2M
First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc. $2M
Chemical Financial Corp. $2M
SPDR Energy Select Sector ETF $2M
Taubman Centers, Inc. $2M
J & J Snack Foods Corp. $2M
Deluxe Corp. $2M
Washington Federal, Inc. $2M
Cantel Medical Corp. $2M
Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp $2M
Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated $2M
PolyOne Corp. $2M
New Jersey Resources Corp. $2M
Five Below, Inc. $2M
Silicon Laboratories, Inc. $2M
Integrated Device Technology, Inc. $2M
ING Groep N.V. $2M
LivaNova PLC $2M
NewMarket Corp. (Holding Company) $2M
Home BancShares, Inc. $2M
Valmont Industries, Inc. $2M
aTyr Pharma, Inc. $2M
United Bankshares, Inc. $2M
Apple Hospitality REIT, Inc. $2M
Orange $2M
Edgewell Personal Care Company $2M
Interval Leisure Group, Inc. $2M
Old National Bancorp $2M
Jack in the Box, Inc. $2M
Evercore Partners, Inc. $2M
Black Hills Corp. (Holding Co.) $2M
Matador Resources Co. $2M
Glaukos Corp. $2M
Dell Technologies Inc. $2M
Haemonetics Corp. $2M
VMWare, Inc. $2M
Selective Insurance Group, Inc. $2M
Forestar Group Inc $2M
John Bean Technologies Corp. $2M
El Paso Electric Co. $2M
Koninklijke Philips N.V $2M
Molina Healthcare, Inc. $2M
Tech Data Corp. $2M
Federated Investors, Inc. $2M
Globus Medical, Inc. $2M
General Growth Properties, Inc. $2M
Manhattan Associates, Inc. $2M
Dycom Industries, Inc. $2M
Cree, Inc. $2M
Heska Corp. $2M
Moog Inc. $2M
Columbia Banking System, Inc. $2M
First Midwest Bancorp, Inc. $2M
Science Applications International Corp. $2M
Wolverine World Wide, Inc. $2M
CACI International, Inc. $2M
PDC Energy, Inc. $2M
Timken Co. (THE) $2M
AutoNation, Inc. $2M
Cathay General Bancorp $2M
Maillinckrodt plc. $2M
Sabra Healthcare REIT, Inc. $2M
Glacier Bancorp, Inc. $2M
Tupperware Brands Corp. $2M
Darling Ingredients Inc. $2M
Kemper Corporation $2M
JBG SMITH Properties $2M
Lancaster Colony Corp. $2M
Belden, Inc. $2M
OneMain Holdings, Inc. $2M
American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. $2M
Valley National Bancorp $2M
Exponent, Inc. $2M
Sanderson Farms, Inc. $2M
Fulton Financial Corp. $2M
On Assignment, Inc. $2M
EastGroup Properties, Inc. $2M
UMB Financial Corp. $2M
TransUnion $2M
TopBuild Corp. $2M
Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp. $2M
Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. $2M
LaSalle Hotel Properties $2M
Cirrus Logic, Inc. $2M
NetScout Systems, Inc. $2M
Hillenbrand, Inc. $2M
Lumentum Holdings Inc. $2M
ProAssurance Corp. $2M
Tri Pointe Homes, Inc. $2M
IQVIA Holdings Inc. $2M
Ciena Corp. $2M
Graham Holdings Company $2M
Green Dot Corp. $2M
Trustmark Corp. $2M
NuVasive, Inc. $2M
Wiley (JOHN) & Sons, Inc. $2M
Avis Budget Group, Inc. $2M
KB Home $2M
Rogers Corp. $2M
Tempur Sealy International, Inc. $2M
Telefonica S.A. $2M
Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. $2M
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. $2M
Ericsson (L.M.) Telephone Co. $2M
Mercury Systems, Inc. $2M
American Equity Investment Life Holding Co. $2M
InterDigital, Inc. $2M
Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. $2M
Ingevity Corporation $2M
DeVry Education Group Inc. $2M
Corporate Office Properties Trust $2M
Obalon Therapeutics, Inc. $2M
Communications Sales & Leasing, Inc. $2M
Unifirst Corp. $2M
Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings, Inc. $2M
Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. $2M
EnerSys $2M
Southwestern Energy Co. $1M
Urban Edge Properties $1M
Fuller (H.B.) Co. $1M
United Natural Foods, Inc. $1M, Inc. $1M
Clean Harbors, Inc. $1M
B&G Foods, Inc. $1M
Rio Tinto plc $1M
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. $1M
Helen of Troy Ltd. $1M
Platform Specialty Products Corp. $1M
Geo Group, Inc. (The) $1M
Community Bank System, Inc. $1M
SkyWest, Inc. $1M
BBCN Bancorp Inc. $1M
United Community Banks, Inc. $1M
Big Lots, Inc. $1M
Adient plc $1M
Minerals Technologies, Inc. $1M
Cheesecake Factory Incorporated (THE) $1M
Tetra Tech, Inc. $1M
Meredith Corp. $1M
First Financial Bankshares, Inc. $1M
Monsanto Co. $1M
Northwest Bancshares, Inc. $1M
Credit Suisse Group $1M
Deckers Outdoor Corp. $1M
International Bancshares Corp. $1M
Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. $1M
AMC Networks Inc. $1M
Allegheny Technologies, Inc. $1M
Lithia Motors, Inc. $1M
ACI Worldwide, Inc. $1M
Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc. $1M
Compass Minerals Group, Inc. $1M
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. $1M
LendingTree, Inc. $1M
GATX Corp. $1M
Steven Madden Ltd. $1M
PS Business Parks, Inc. $1M
Balchem Corp. $1M
Lexington Corporate Properties Trust $1M
Commercial Metals Co. $1M
Great Western Bancorp, Inc. $1M
MSA Safety Inc. $1M
Children's Place, Inc. (The) $1M
U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc. $1M
RLI Corp. $1M
ICON plc $1M
Herman Miller, Inc. $1M
Korn/Ferry International $1M
Retail Opportunity Investments Corp. $1M
KBR, Inc. $1M
II-VI Inc. $1M
Atlassian Corporation Plc $1M
Myriad Genetics, Inc. $1M
Carpenter Technology Corp. $1M
Callon Petroleum Co. $1M
Aaron's, Inc. $1M
Simmons First National Corporation $1M
WageWorks Inc. $1M
American States Water Co. (Holding Co.) $1M
Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. $1M
Aspen Insurance Holdings, Ltd. $1M
Sanmina Corp. $1M
BancorpSouth, Inc. $1M
Banner Corp. $1M
Magellan Health, Inc. $1M
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. $1M
Brinker International, Inc. $1M
Acadia Realty Trust $1M
Granite Construction, Inc. $1M
Lloyds Banking Group plc $1M
Itron, Inc. $1M
California Water Service Group $1M
Esterline Technologies Corp. $1M
Cabot Microelectronics Corp. $1M
Progress Software Corp. $1M
Meritage Homes Corp. $1M
Northwest Natural Gas Co. $1M
Diamond Rock Hospitality Co. $1M
Statoil ASA $1M
STMicroelectronics N.V. $1M
Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, Inc. $1M
New York Times Co. $1M
Halyard Health, Inc. $1M
Annaly Capital Management, Inc. $1M
Shire Plc. $1M
Silgan Holdings, Inc. $1M
U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc. $1M
Merit Medical Systems, Inc. $1M
Convergys Corp. $1M
AMN Healthcare Services, Inc. $1M
Sotheby's $1M
Plexus Corp. $1M
SPDR Gold Shares $1M
Nomura Holdings, Inc. $1M
Four Corners Property Trust, Inc. $1M
CommVault Systems, Inc. $1M
Semtech Corp. $1M
Watts Water Technologies, Inc. $1M
Mack-Cali Realty Corp. $1M
Inogen, Inc. $1M
ABM Industries Inc. $1M
Acxiom Corp. $1M
Quaker Chemical Corp. $1M
NovoCure Limited $1M
Vonage Holdings Corp. $1M
SM Energy Co $1M
Cara Therapeutics, Inc. $1M
Independent Bank Corp. $1M
Universal Forest Products, Inc. $1M
WD-40 Co. $1M
BGC Partners, Inc. $1M
Emergent Biosolutions, Inc. $1M
Rowan Companies plc $1M
Plantronics, Inc. $1M
Potlatch Holdings, Inc. $1M
Viavi Solutions Inc. $1M
LegacyTexas Financial Group Inc. $1M
Aegon N.V. ADR $1M Inc $1M
Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. $1M
Synergy Resources Corp. $1M
Anixter International, Inc. $1M
Kaiser Aluminum Corp. $1M
Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $1M
Callidus Software, Inc. $1M
American Assets Trust Inc $1M
KapStone Paper & Packaging Corp. $1M
ServisFirst Bancshares, Inc. $1M
MercadoLibre, Inc. $1M
LTC Properties, Inc. $1M
Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. $1M
Pitney Bowes, Inc. $1M
Kaman Corp. $1M
iRobot Corp. $1M
Mercury General Corp. $1M
Worthington Industries, Inc. $1M
ENI S.p.A. $1M
SPX Flow, Inc. $1M
VeriFone Systems, Inc $1M
Mueller Industries, Inc. $1M
Insperity, Inc. $1M
Nabors Industries Ltd. $1M
Ameris Bancorp $1M
Government Properties Income Trust $1M
BT Group Plc $1M
EnPro Industries, Inc. $1M
Omnicell, Inc. $1M
HFF, Inc. $1M
Agree Realty Corp. $1M
Brady Corp. $1M
Healthways, Inc. $1M
Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc. $1M
Cogent Communications Holdings, Inc. $1M
Albany International Corp. $1M
M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. $1M
American Woodmark Corp. $1M
McDermott International, Inc. $1M
Dril-Quip, Inc. $1M
Innospec, Inc. $1M
Gildan Activewear, Inc. $1M
Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. $1M
Shutterfly, Inc. $1M
Papa John's International, Inc. $1M
Horace Mann Educators Corp. $1M
Neenah Paper, Inc. $1M
Allegiant Travel Company $1M
Select Medical Holdings Corp. $1M
Forward Air Corp. $1M
Kite Realty Group Trust $1M
Chesapeake Lodging Trust $1M
Restoration Hardware Holdings, Inc. $1M
Medicines Company $1M
Central Garden & Pet Co. $1M
TiVo Inc. $1M
FTI Consulting, Inc. $1M
Calavo Growers, Inc. $1M
CareTrust REIT, Inc. $1M
Saia, Inc. $1M
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Morning Briefing (11/1/2019)

Clinging to premarket gains ahead of employment report

The S&P 500 futures trade seven points, or 0.2%, above fair value in front of the Employment Situation Report for October at 8:30 a.m. ET. Investor sentiment is relatively upbeat heading into the report following better-than-expected factory activity in China.
In the U.S., the pace of jobs growth is expected to have slowed down noticeably, with economists attributing the 40-day strike at GM as a reason. The consensus is projecting nonfarm payrolls to come in at 80,000 versus 136,000 in September. Average hourly earnings are projected to increase 0.2% with the unemployment rate ticking up to 3.6%, according to the consensus.
The other key report today will be the ISM Manufacturing Index for October ( consensus 48.7), which will be released concurrently with the Construction Spending report for September ( consensus 0.1%) at 10:00 a.m. ET. Auto and truck sales will be released throughout the day.
Earnings reports continue to pile in, with Dow component Exxon Mobil (XOM 67.97, +0.40, +0.6%) providing mixed results. Qorvo (QRVO 90.00, +9.14, +11.3%), which is an Apple (AAPL 249.12, +0.36, +0.1%) supplier, has impressed investors with positive results and upbeat guidance.
U.S. Treasuries are holding tight ahead of today's data on the labor market and manufacturing sector. The 2-yr yield is up one basis point to 1.53%, and the 10-yr yield is unchanged at 1.69%. The U.S. Dollar Index is down 0.1% to 97.25. WTI crude is up 0.5%, or $0.28, to $54.46/bbl.
In U.S. Corporate news:
Reviewing overnight developments:
U.S. equity futures:
U.S. Summary:
Gapping Up/Down
Analyst Research (see Upgrades/Downgrades calendar for full list):
Upcoming Events:
Asia & Europe detail:
Asia: Nikkei -0.3%, Hang Seng +0.7%, Shanghai +1.0%
Equity indices in the Asia-Pacific region ended the week on a mostly higher note. South Korea reported another month of falling exports with semiconductor exports contracting 32.1% in October. The country's Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy said that the slump likely bottomed in October and that yyr growth is likely to show up in the first quarter of 2020. The passage of the U.S.-Japan trade deal has been delayed in the Japanese Diet.
---Equity Markets---
Europe: DAX +0.3%, FTSE +0.2%, CAC +0.2%
Major European indices are looking to end the week on a higher note. Christine Lagarde began her term as ECB President today. The British government will reportedly name a successor to Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, after the national election, which is set for December 12.
---Equity Markets---
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Significant Activist Hedge Fund Activity (Last 7 Days)

These are the latest Schedule 13D forms filed by activist investors in the last 7 days. Activist investors are investors that make an investment with the intention of influencing management in some way. There is evidence that following activist investors into investments can generate excess returns. Schedule 13G forms, in contrast, are filed by significant investors with no intention of influencing management (such as Index funds).
There is always a lot of interest in insider trades, but what a lot of people probably don't realize is that hedge fund activity is probably more predictive of future returns than insider activity. The reason is that hedge funds (a) have large research budgets, and (b) have a choice where to put their money. In contract, insiders have no choice where to put their money, but only when to time their transactions.

New Filings

This table lists new 13D filings in the last week. A new filing does not necessarily indicate a new position, as investors frequently accumulate in advance before reaching the filing threshold.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
06‑29 13D MSLP / MusclePharm Corp. White Winston Select Asset Fund Series Fund Mp-18, Llc 2,927,677 19.87%
06‑29 13D NPHC / Nutra Pharma Corp. Deitsch Rik J 3,043,298,859 57.0%
06‑29 13D COTV / Cotiviti Holdings, Inc. Musallam Ramzi M 41,433,699 44.6%
06‑28 13D PRTS / U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. Khazani Mina 2,474,952 6.56%
06‑27 13D ALES / Evans Brewing Co Inc Bb Winks Llc 2,728,542 7.8%
06‑27 13D ARQL / ArQule, Inc. Pontifax Management 4 G.p. (2015) Ltd. 2,238,000 8.8%
06‑27 13D GBR / New Concept Energy, Inc. Realty Advisors Inc 60,000 2.81%
06‑27 13D NVLN / NOVELION THERAPEUTICS INC. EdgePoint Investment Group Inc. 2,456,064 7.32% -43.69
06‑27 13D DHXM / DHX Media Ltd. Fine Capital Partners, L.P. 32,144,650 23.9% 57.03
06‑27 13D MNI / McClatchy Co. (THE) Chatham Asset Management, Llc 1,047,626 19.7% 0.51
06‑27 13D PI / Impinj, Inc. Sylebra HK Co Ltd 4,231,582 19.8% 6.45
06‑26 13D CZICF / Canadian Zinc Corp. Resource Capital Fund VI L.P. 51,630,000 19.95%
06‑26 13D BNVI / BioNovo, Inc. Adler Paul 12,500,000 96.0%
06‑26 13D INUV / Inuvo, Inc. INGALLS & SNYDER LLC 2,349,471 8.16%
06‑26 13D RPXC / RPX Corporation GARDNER LEWIS ASSET MANAGEMENT L P 2,697,725 5.4%
06‑26 13D ORM / Owens Realty Mortgage, Inc. Nantahala Capital Management, LLC 666,630 7.5% 19.05
06‑26 13D UPL / Ultra Petroleum Corp. Avenue Capital Management II, L.P. 10,802,836 5.5%
06‑25 13D FPAC.U / Far Point Acquisition Corporation Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock, $0.00 Third Point LLC 19,692,500 24.9%
06‑25 13D AIRI / Air Industries Group Richmond Brothers, Inc. 4,262,005 16.1%

Amended Filings

This table lists amended filings in the last week, and is useful for monitoring changes in existing investments or when a fund closes a position. I have eliminated all filings with less than a 5% change in ownership.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
06‑29 13D/A BWP / Boardwalk Pipeline Partners L.P Boardwalk Pipelines Holding Corp. 250,296,782 100.0% 99.20
06‑29 13D/A XRM / Xerium Technologies, Inc. Carl Marks Management Company, Llc 2,128,737 13.0%
06‑29 13D/A SLM / SLM Corp. (Sallie Mae) VA Partners I, LLC 37,605,408 8.6% 24.64
06‑29 13D/A CSAL / Communications Sales & Leasing, Inc. Searchlight Capital II PV, L.P. 6,715,800 3.8% -37.70
06‑29 13D/A PCF / Putnam High Income Securities Fund Bulldog Investors, LLC 1,988,616 %
06‑29 13D/A CNNX / CONE Midstream Partners LP NOBLE ENERGY INC 14,217,198 22.3% -34.62
06‑29 13D/A IMMR / Immersion Corporation Shannon River Fund Management LLC 1,467,536 4.82% -20.85
06‑29 13D/A MEOH / Methanex Corp. M&G INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LTD 14,135,940 17.18% -6.83
06‑29 13D/A DBD / Diebold, Inc. ATLANTIC INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INC 6,902,696 9.1% 13.75
06‑29 13D/A CPER / United States Copper Index Fund Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. 36,562 6.0936% -28.56
06‑29 13D/A AMRS / Amyris, Inc. Temasek Holdings (Private) Ltd 2,331,786 4.5% -21.05
06‑28 13D/A IBIO / iBio Inc. Eastern Capital LTD 8,933,512 48.0% 21.21
06‑28 13D/A NAP / Navios Maritime Midstream Partners LP Navios Maritime Acquisition CORP 12,178,304 58.1% 6.22
06‑28 13D/A XCO / EXCO Resources, Inc. WL ROSS & CO LLC 1,559,192 7.2% -16.28
06‑28 13D/A RLH / Red Lion Hotels Corp. Columbia Pacific Opportunity Fund, L.P. 1,268,638 5.24% -36.56
06‑28 13D/A CCUR / Concurrent Computer Corp. SINGER JULIAN D. 3,584,740 38.8% 6.30
06‑28 13D/A CPER / United States Copper Index Fund Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. 51,181 8.5301% -22.24
06‑28 13D/A LNG / Cheniere Energy, Inc. ICAHN CARL C 23,680,490 9.5% -31.31
06‑28 13D/A USAC / USA Compression Partners LP USA Compression Holdings, LLC 7,625,284 8.5% -58.13
06‑27 13D/A FENCF / Fennec Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Manchester Management Pr, Llc 1,496,375 7.8% -12.36
06‑27 13D/A PFSW / PFSweb, Inc. Engine Capital, L.P. 955,449 4.99% -24.39
06‑27 13D/A CHEF / Chefs' Warehouse, Inc. Legion Partners Asset Management, LLC 1,370,982 4.78% -20.33
06‑27 13D/A PF / Pinnacle Foods, Inc. JANA PARTNERS LLC 10,820,714 %
06‑27 13D/A ADP / Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. 24,575,699 5.6% -22.22
06‑27 13D/A BSQR / BSQUARE Corporation Palogic Value Management, L.P. 948,500 7.5% 7.14
06‑27 13D/A RYTM / Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ORBIMED ADVISORS LLC 2,065,000 6.1% -29.32
06‑27 13D/A CPER / United States Copper Index Fund Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. 65,816 10.9693% -18.17
06‑26 13D/A GLOB / Globant SA WPP plc 0 0.0%
06‑26 13D/A EPM / Evolution Petroleum Corp. Lovoi John 3,983,970 12.01% -8.25
06‑26 13D/A TG / Tredegar Corp. GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 4,265,617 12.88% -5.85
06‑26 13D/A CIR / CIRCOR International, Inc. GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 1,619,725 8.17% 13.16
06‑26 13D/A GHL / Greenhill & Co., Inc. Bok Scott L 1,375,903 6.0%
06‑26 13D/A GRBK / Green Brick Partners, Inc. Third Point LLC 1,071,034 2.1% -87.04
06‑26 13D/A DDR / DDR Corp. Otto Alexander 31,353,074 17.0% 8.97
06‑26 13D/A NEO / NeoGenomics, Inc. GENERAL ELECTRIC CO 15,000,000 18.6% -26.77
06‑26 13D/A PFSW / PFSweb, Inc. Ancora Advisors, LLC 613,086 3.2% -49.13
06‑26 13D/A MAGE / Magellan Gold Corporation POWER JOHN C /CA/ 11,012,330 10.87% -40.34
06‑26 13D/A BNKL / Bionik Laboratories Corp. E.c.i. Sa 20,055,498 6.89% 9.37
06‑26 13D/A MAGE / Magellan Gold Corporation Gibbs John D 49,688,988 43.41% -22.66
06‑26 13D/A CPER / United States Copper Index Fund Counsel Portfolio Services Inc. 80,435 13.4058% -15.38
06‑26 13D/A IGLD / Internet Gold-Golden Lines Ltd. EUROCOM COMMUNICATIONS LTD 15,308,966 54.67% -9.96
06‑26 13D/A HHER / Her Imports Terry Jonathan William 6,022,695 69.6%
06‑26 13D/A AMRS / Amyris, Inc. Temasek Holdings (Private) Ltd 2,951,218 5.7% -22.97
06‑25 13D/A VRML / Vermillion, Inc. SCHULER JACK W 18,108,802 23.9% 19.56
06‑25 13D/A ONDK / On Deck Capital, Inc. EJF Capital LLC 4,900,000 6.6% -17.50
06‑25 13D/A ONS / Oncobiologics, Inc. Gms Tenshi Holdings Pte. Ltd 89,483,358 77.5% 12.97
06‑25 13D/A ATEC / Alphatec Holdings, Inc. Healthpointcapital Partners Lp 1,281,980 3.0%
06‑25 13D/A EACQ / Easterly Acquisition Corp. Easterly Acquisition Sponsor, LLC 4,928,000 24.6% 23.62
06‑25 13D/A KTEL / KonaTel, Inc. M2 Equity Partners, Llc 12,100,000 12.1%
06‑25 13D/A SCOO / School Specialty, Inc. ZAZOVE ASSOCIATES LLC 720,139 10.3% -36.42
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The Big Ol' Bigot Boycott List

We may have a lot of people against us, but it's good to remember that there are a lot of corporations out there that either are for us, or that at least want to keep up appearances.
If someone tells you that they're boycotting Angie's list because they oppose same-sex marriage, show them this list (I just compiled) of other things they should then be boycotting. This [incomplete] list consists of organizations that have received a score of at least 80 from the Human Rights Campaign, and/or that have been specifically targeted for a boycott by the National Organization for Marriage.
And if any employee of a place on this list [I'm specifically thinking of hotels] tries to discriminate on religious grounds, because the larger corporation is on HRC's list, talking to management, or climbing higher up the corporate ladder will probably let you find someone willing to help.
3M products, 409 [the cleaner], 7-Up,
A1 Steak Sauce, AAA [American Automotive Association], Abbott Laboratories, Abercrombie & Fitch,, Abreva, Acuvue contact lenses, Adobe Systems, AdvantEdge, Advil, Aetna, Ajax, Alaska Airlines, Alavert, Aleve, Alka-Seltzer, All brand laundry detergent, Allstate, Almond Joy, Always [feminine care products],, AMC Theaters, AMD, American Airlines, American Eagle, American Express, American Family Insurance, American Girl [the dolls], Android, Angie’s List [and everyone on it], Anheuser-Busch, Apple, Apple Jacks, Aquafina, Aquafresh, Armor All [the stuff that keeps your car door handles looking nice], Art of Shaving, AT&T, ATI, Audi, Aunt Jemima, Aussie haircare,, Aveda, Aveeno, Aviance cosmetics, Avis Rent A Car, Avon Products,, Axe/Lynx deodorant,
Bahama Breeze, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Ball Park Franks, Band-Aid, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Banquet frozen dinners, Barbie, Barclays Capital, Barnes & Noble, Barq’s Rootbeer, Bath & Body Works, Bayer, Baymont Inn & Suites, Beaulieu Vineyard,, Beck, Behr, Ben & Jerry’s, Benadryl, Benefiber, Bengay, Bentley, Best Buy, Bethesda [the game studio], Betty Crocker, Bioware, Bisquick, Bloomingdale’s, Blue Moon, Blue Stratos Cologne, Bobbi Brown beauty, Boca Burger, Boeing, Bold laundry detergent, Bonamine [AKA Bonine and Dramamine], Bonterra Vineyards, Bon-Ton Stores, Boost Mobile, Bottom Dollar Food, Bounce fabric-softener, Bounty, Breakstone’s, Breath Savers, Breyer’s ice cream, Bridgestone, Brita, British Petroleum, Brown-Forman, Bubble Yum, Bud Light, Budget Rent A Car, Budweiser, Bugatti, Bugles, Buick, Burt’s Bees, Busch Gardens,
Cabbage Patch Kids, Cadbury, Cadillac, Caesars [hotels and casinos], Calgel, California Pizza Kitchen, Caltrate, Camay bath soap, Campbell’s Soup, Cap’n Crunch, The Capital Grille, Capital One, Capri Sun, Captain Morgan, CarePlus Pharmacy, Caress brand soaps, Carr’s, Cascade dishwasher detergent, Cascadian Farm, Celestial Seasonings, Centrum, Chambourd, Chapstick, Charles Schwab, Charmin, Chase,, Cheer laundry detergent, Cheerios, Cheetos, Cheez-It, Cheez Whiz, Chef Boyardee, Chevrolet, Chevron, Chex, Chili’s, Chips Ahoy, Chips Deluxe, Choice Hotels, Christina Aguilera perfume, Chrome [web browser], Chrysler, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cirrus [owned by MasterCard], Citigroup [including Citibank], Clairol, Clarion hotels, Claritin, Clean and Clear, Clinique, Clorox, Club Crackers, C.O. Bigelow, Coca cola, Colgate, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Command [the convenient sticky wall hooks], Compaq, ConAgra Foods, Continental Airlines, Cooking Light, Cool Whip, Coors, Coppertone, Corn Pops, Cortizone, Costco, Cottonelle, Country Crock margarine, Country Inns & Suites, Country Time lemonade, Courtyard Hotels, CoverGirl cosmetics, Cracker Jacks, Craftsman, Crate and Barrel, Crayola, Crest, Crispix, Crown Royal, Crystal Light, Cub Foods, CVS,
Darden Restaurants, Dasani bottled water, Dawn [the dish soap], Days Inn, Degree deodorant, Dell, Delta Airlines, Dentyne, Depends, DieHard, Dimetapp, Disneyland, Doctor’s Formula cosmetics, Dodge, Dolce & Gabbana cologne and perfume, Dole, Dollar Rent A Car, Doritos, Dove, Downy, Drano, Dr. Scholl’s, Dulcolax, DuPont, Duracell,
EAS protein shakes, EB Games, Ebay,, Econo Lodge, Egg Beaters, Eggland’s Best, Eggo Waffles, Electronic Arts, Embassy Suites, Ensure, Enterprise Rent A Car, Entertainment Weekly, Era laundry detergent, Estee Lauder, Eukanuba dog and cat foods, Ex-Lax, Excedrin, Expedia,
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I Coded A Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade! - YouTube TheBookEdition - YouTube How to Place a Trade in Trading 212 - YouTube GossipRoom - YouTube 11.22.5, 295 80 22.5 Japanese casings, truck tires, PCR , OTR, llantas desde Japon wholesale

Find 5 listings related to Noble Group in Los Angeles on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Noble Group locations in Los Angeles, CA. LONDON, Jan. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Noble Corporation plc ("Noble-UK") (NYSE: NE) announced today, on behalf of its indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary, Noble Holding International Limited ("NHIL ... We create everyday essentials to make people's lives more liveable and inspiring. Essential ingredients, essential protection, essential color Noble is a public limited company registered in England and Wales with company number 08354954 and registered office at 10 Brook Street, London, W1S 1BG England. Additional information on Noble is ... The Noble M600 is a car produced not in competition to the current super car establishment, but one, we believe, that offers those serious about their driving, an alternative philosophy and a more rewarding driving experience. Each car is hand built in England, bespoke and built to our exacting clients individual requirements by a small team of ...

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I Coded A Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade! - YouTube

Gossip Room est une communauté sur les réseaux sociaux, créée il y a 7 ans, qui regroupe aujourd’hui des millions de passionnés d’actualité TV, people, série... used tires and casings import and export directly from japan to the world heavy truck tires, used tires, casings, grade a, b,c ,r1 with noble trading casings llc, you can be sure you are in good hands David Jones takes us through all the steps of opening a trade in Trading 212. He also shows us where we can set a stop loss and take profit order to manage r... llantas de camion - USED TRUCK TYRES TIRES 11/22.5 295/80r22.5 315/80r22.5 - Duration: 3:00. Noble Trading Casings LLC 5,575 views est une plateforme d'auto-édition gratuite de livres en ligne et d'impression à la demande. Notre mission depuis 2007 : aider les auteurs ...